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6 Great Ideas to Retire Early

If you truly want to retire early and enjoy an extra-long retirement, you’ve got some work to do now. Start planning now. There is a saying, “everyone does not plan to fail but fail to plan.”

1. Save, save, save
The reality is that if you want to shut off the BlackBerry at age 55 or 60, you\’re going to have to put a lot of money away – perhaps a third of your take-home pay or more, says Diane McCurdy of McCurdy Financial Planning in Bakersfield, Calif.

Key stat: 38% of people retire earlier than planned.

2. Live less than large
Saving has to be your first priority, says Debra Morrison of Capital Financial in Roseland, N.J. So before you do anything else, stash that money away. Then budget around the amount you have left, even if it means buying a smaller house or purchasing a pre-owned car instead of a new one.

Key stat: The typical male retires at 63. The typical female retires at 62.

3. Be aggressive
You can\’t afford to get conservative with your portfolio. Allocate 75% of your money to stocks until you near retirement, then start tilting toward bonds. Yes, the market could tank and postpone your plans, but you\’ve got no chance if you invest too cautiously.

Key stat: 33% of workers are in traditional pension plans, down from 63% in 1988.

4. Bank your extra income
If you get a raise, save it instead of spending it. Tuck away any windfall you receive, such as a bonus or inheritance. And to really turbocharge your savings, consider moonlighting and setting aside the additional money.

Key stat: 33% of big employers offer retiree health care, down from 66% in 1988.

5. Design a post-retirement career
Part-time work doing something that you really enjoy can lead to a more fulfilling retirement – and may add just enough income to make early retirement a reality. For ideas, click on

6. Start a Home Based Business (Affiliate / Network Marketing)
Experts like Paul Zane, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, etc have recommended you to consider this option.


Be a Millionaire: 6 Ways to Get There

It’s the club everybody wants to join and that’s not as diificult to do as you might think.

1. Make saving automatic
Sign up for automatic investing plans, which will funnel the savings directly from your paycheck into your investment account. That way the money starts compounding immediately. Plus, you\’ll never miss it.

Beginning at age 30, if you save $671 each month at an 8% return, you\’ll have $1 million by age 60. Begin at age 40, and you need to save $1,698 each month.

Key stat: 8.9 million U.S. households have a net worth of at least $1 million, not including equity in a primary residence.

2. Take advantage of Uncle Sam
Make full use of any tax-sheltered accounts that are available to you, such as a 401(k) or IRA. You may get tax breaks on contributions you make and assets in these accounts grow without the drag of taxes each year on capital gains, dividends and other distributions. That gives you a big leg up when trying to grow your nest egg.

Key millionaire stat: 46% of millionaire households own investment real estate.

3. Make stocks work for you
Stocks give you the best shot at high returns, having returned more than 10% a year since 1926, twice the return of bonds. So stash a big chunk of your portfolio in equities – 70% is a reasonable amount if you are investing over a couple of decades, says Kevin Sale, a financial adviser in Bloomington, Minn.

If you don’t consider yourself a stock picker, a broadly diversified index fund – tracking either the S&P 500 or Wilshire 5000 – is a perfectly reasonable option.

Key stat: Most wealth of millionaires comes from job earnings (32%). Just 16% is inherited.

4. Boost your earning power
As the numbers show, the fastest way to amass seven figures is to pull down a big salary. If you\’re young enough, a professional degree such as an M.B.A. or a J.D. will pay off. If more school isn\’t in the cards, make sure to get the most out of your current profession. Keep up with market so you can negotiate for as much pay as possible and if possible. And keep up with trade publications that will help you advance in your current field.

Key stat: The average household income for millionaires is $209,000.

5. Don’t stop saving
Remember, just because you\’ve stopped doesn\’t mean inflation will. As the years tick by, a million dollars will become worth less and less – and you\’ll need more and more to lead the lifestyle you were counting on. So when you hit the seven-figure mark, keep going.

Key stat: A millionaire in 1976 would need $3.5 million today to have the same buying power.

6. Start a Home Based Business (Affiliate / Network Marketing)
Experts like Paul Zane, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, etc have recommended you to consider this option.

Best Tips on How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Did you know that the first greatest fear in North America is Public Speaking?

And the second greatest fear is death!

If you have the fear of public speaking, let us say this… you are not alone. You must first recognize what “fear” is.  Fear in short is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is the anticipation of pain.  Is your fear real or imagined?

  1. The fear of being judged, making a mistake, not measuring up, getting hurt either mentally or physically can get in the way of a good performance (speech, seminar, sales presentation, etc). Remember that people in the audience really want you to succeed. Nobody is standing there hoping you’ll be boring or bad. If you are coming from an authentic place, and you cover the material with clarity, you’ve won 3/4 of your inner battle with fear.
  2. Learn how to enroll and engage your audience. If you haven’t yet taken a professional development course on public speaking, consider finding a public speaking training course appropriate for your needs. Learning the art of public speaking can enhance your results in a boardroom, in a sales presentation, and even accelerate your climb up the corporate ladder. It is a must-skill for any executive and/or business owner.
  3. Practice. Find business organizations, networks and clubs in your area (such as Toastmasters) that can afford you the opportunity to practice. Remember to choose topics that you are already an expert on. Speaking on a topic that you are not familiar with will increase your stress, and impede on your performance.
  4. Buy some recording software, and record everything on your laptop. Review it to see where you can improve. Have speaking pros attend your live presentation to give you feedback. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn more every time you go out.
  5. Remember, even the top professionals learn something new every single time they go out!
  • Remember that when you are asked to speak, if you are coming from a place of service, you can’t go wrong. Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about them – your audience. You are not the star, they are.
  • Be authentic.
  • If you go to school, volunteer to read the text when the class is reading textbooks.
  • Don’t take anything personally.
  • Remember, you don’t look as nervous as you feel.
  • It gets easier. Practice is a good thing.
  • Only you know what you are supposed to say or do so it’s OK to change things during the presentation. (It’s OK not to be word-for-word as your wrote it)
  • Trust yourself.
  • Tell yourself, “One is admired when looked upon by others.”
  • If you think the people you’re talking to will judge you too much, think that they’re not themselves. Think that they’re you’re siblings or friends. People who respect you and won’t judge you if you do a mistake.