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How to Advertise for FREE

In the new digital age, people have a need to publicize their company events, products and services, etc.

The world’s 6.6 billion population and still increasing witness the rise of internet users. USA (United States of America) for instance is one of the world key players in the e-commerce industry. Therefore, the emergence of new latest online classifieds serve this purpose and to further be a catalyst to boost economy locally and internationally.

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Introducing the 5 Steps for good housekeeping from Japan

One of the contributing features towards Japan’s phenomenal economics success today is its ability to implement 5S or the Practice of Good Housekeeping in the workplace, 5S can result in higher productivity, improve quality and helps reduce costs. Furthermore, a clear and tidy environment can boost up the morale of the workers thus resulting in greater efficiency, effectiveness and commitment towards their work.
5S is basically the steps for good housekeeping. It actually stands for 5 Japanese Winds i.e.:
  • SEIRI – Sort out and differentiate wanted and unwanted things.
  • SEITON – Arrange the wanted things in proper or order/position.
  • SEISO – Clear up workplace completely.
  • SEIKETSU – Maintain the high standard of clear environment at all time.
  • SHITSUKE – To educate and cultivate good habits and discipline.